The variety of instruments' shapes and colors is a feat for the eyes; the variety in musical styles is unique and memorable. the ability to play all these different keying and pitch-organization systems is unequaled in istself a mind-boggling, unforgettable visual and acoustic experience.
Audiences are amazed to learn about accordion evolution in combination wtih ethnic, cultural and immigration histories through enjoyable, informative programs. The instruments are sounded in demonstrations that are ethnically correct and refinein musicianship. Poignant ancedotes and humorous moments intermingle in varying programs, each of which is a winner!
The history and chronology of accordion family instruments is an important contribution to cultural developments through the world. Every ethnicity of the earth uses a favored member of this iunstrument family to tansmit its mores through music, its philosophy through song texts, its body movements and rhythms through rhythms through dances. these forms of expression are all accompanied and interpreted by the accordion family, itself varied in content and makeup to suit specific requirements of idomatic melodic and harmonic preferences.
A magnificent cross section of the 1300 plus instruments displayed in Superior, WI are regularly used in traveling exhibitions along with documents and artifacts. They are an experience for eyes and ears - beautiful in the ornate artisty of their bodies, alive in their acoustic and repertory breadth when sounded. Antique, rare, hybrid, and modern state-of-the-art instruments are selected from world-wide origins, keyboard systems and pitch organizations are explained, tunings and quality rankings are defined. in the process of these demonstrations, general audiences as well as accordion aficionados find themselves stimulated with new-found respect for the worldwide cultural importance of the accordion family

The programs of a World of Accordions Traveling Museum are varied according to event focus.

Some popular Traveling Museum presentations include, but are not limited to:

  • Traveling Museum Program 1:
    23 instruments showing and sounding chronological evolution of accordion family instruments.
    1 1/2 hour presentation
  • Traveling Museum Program 2:
    15 instruments showing and sounding evolution of accordion family instruments
    1 hour presentation
  • Traveling Museum Program 3:
    6 instruments
    entertainment and concert repertory
    45 minute program

For further information, or to custom select instruments from the Museum collection that will focus the presentation on the specific interests of your area, please contact:
Helmi Harrington, Ph. D.
1401 Blknap Street
Superior, WI 54880
Phone: 715 395 2787
E-mail: accordion@sprynet.com