supportive materials

The World of Accordions Museum features an array of material to support the extensive public display of instruments. These materials include The Accordion Rescource Library, Figurines and Decorative Items, and Two and Three Dimensional Art.

The Accordion Resource Library houses an extensive collection of accordion related Text Books, DVDs, Casette Tapes, LP Recordings and more.

Figurines and decorative items such as dolls, toys and trophies adorn the displays throughout the Museum, while art work in the form of paintings, including some rare works, and accordion festival and artist posters compliment the displays.

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Above left: Delightful Children's display
Above right: some of the thousands of unique accordion figurines
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Above left: The facility houses an extensive collection of recordings including LPs, CDs, Cassettes, VCR and DVD tapes
Above right: many of the unique accordion configurations are repsented with their respective instructional papers
Above left: Colorful posters from worldwide festivals and International artists
Above right: accordion trophies were an integral part of the competition scene