The Harrington Arts Center Publications feature a wide varieyt of materials including Method and Repertory Books, Educational and Resource Books and DVDs including:

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    March - April, 2015
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  • The Charles Magnante Story
  • Guide to the Museum
  • Harrington Method and Repertoiry Books
  • Introduction to Museum Displays (DVD)
  • Introduction to Accordion Family Instruments (DVD)
  • Famous Performers (DVD)

The following are a sampling of publications available for purchase:

Method and Repertory Books for Piano Accordion and Chromatic “C” Accordion

Harrington’s Accordion Course for Everyone. (clear, complete instruction for Piano Accordion). Book One, $9.95. With demonstration CD, coming soon. $20.00 Book Two. $9.95. Book Three. $9.95
Harrington’s Accordion Course for Everyone. (for “C” System Button Chromatic Accordion). Book One, $9.95. With demonstration CD, coming soon. $20.00 Book Two. $9.95
Harrington’s Chromatic “C” System: The FAST Course For Piano accordionists who want quick access to button chromatic skills and pieces. Book One, $40.00. With demonstration CD, coming soon.
Helmi’s Handouts. ca. 150 p. with indexed divisions. $25.00.
Book of Analyzed Pieces. 6 Study editions with music for speed-learning and memorization. $8.95
Selected Favorites for Free-Bass Accordion: Quint- Converter Edition (2004). 17 pieces, 33 p. plus Appendices. $15.00.
Selections from the Duet Repertory of Harrington and Carver. 14 pieces. Virtuoso. $19.95
Helmi’s Performance Pieces. 8 Virtuoso editions. $12.95
Accordion and “C” Instruments Duets. 20 pieces. Easy-Medium-Difficult. $9.95
Christmas Carol Favorites for Quint Converter (2004). 19 pieces, 33 p. $15.00.
Christmas Carol Favorites. $12.00
Christmas Around the World. 18 traditional favorites from around the world. $15.00.
Olde Tyme Favorites of the Midwest. 18 medium pieces. $15.00. Version with CD coming soon. $20.00.
Love Songs Book. 27 medium pieces. $15.00. Version with CD coming soon, $20.00.
For the Love of Celtic Music. 15 traditional pieces. $12.95
Scandinavian Book. $15.00 Version with CD, coming soon $20.00.
Hymns and Sacred Music. 17 familiar and uncommon pieces. Book One, $12.95. Book Two coming soon.
The Texas Book. (for Piano- or Chromatic Accordions). Coming soon.
Slovenian Favorites Book. Button Diatonic Edition. $15.00
Easy Entertainment Favorites. (for Piano- or Chromatic Accordions). 20 Pieces, $15.00
Duets of Virtuoso Repertory. (for Piano Accordion). 6 pieces. $12.00
Oktoberfest Favorites. (for Piano Accordion). $15.00
Two-Chord and Three-Chord Pieces. 8 easy pieces readyyou’re your enhancements. $7.95

Diatonic Methods
Bohemian and Viennese Button Diatonic Method. $12.00 each.
Book One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Supplemental Book One, Two, Three
Chemnitz Concertina Books: $6.95 or $7.95 each.
Five Easy Pieces. Book One, Two, Three, Four
Five Medium Pieces. Book One, Two
Five Medium-Difficult Pieces. Book One, Two
Club System (Regular Keyboard) Button Diatonic Method. $12.00 ea. Book One, Two, Three, Repertory Favorites 
Club System (Expanded Keyboard) Button Diatonic Method. Book One. $12.00.
Slovenian Button Diatonic Method. Book One. BookTwo $15.00 ea.
Anglo Concertina Pieces 20-button edition. $6.95.
Anglo Concertina Pieces 30-button edition. $7.95
Seminar and Workshop Notes

“Breaking-in A New Accordion.” (Article) $1.00
“Common and Uncommon Chords.” (Charts and spellings) $3.00
Embellishments $3.00 “Synopsis.” (Workshop notes, examples, list) 
FAKE Music (Article and musical examples) $5.00
Imprecisions in Accordion Notation (Article and workshop examples) $3.00
“Improvisation.” (Article and Workshop notes) $3.00
“Interpretation Guide.” (Article) $2.00
“Introduction to Entertaining and Repertory Development.” (Article) $5.00
“It’s Not Written in the Notes.” (Workshop notes) $5.00
“Learning to Practice and Practicing to Learn.” (Article) $7.50
“Managing All That Practice Material.” (Article and Workshop notes) $3.00
Memorization (Article, music and workshop notes) $7.50
“Preparation for Professional Performance.” (Articles) $3.00
“Holding, Handling, Caring for Your Accordion, Shipping and Crating.” (Articles) $4.00
Shifts:“Treble Section and Bass Section Shifts Explained.” (Article) $4.00
Accordion Repair Workshop Seminar #1. ca. 75 pp. $30.00