The Music and Files Room houses over one million pieces inclduing manuscripts, accordion music publications including both single sheets and books, plus numerous publications and files of accordion magazines, patents and other accordion related materials making it the largest collection of accordion resource material of its type in the world.
Restrictions on the use of the Libraries include the following:
1) Research is available as a benefit for current participants in the membership of the Friends of AWAM
2) hourly/daily fee for study
3) photocopying limitations to apply
4) research questions investigated by staff at the rate of $40 per hour
5) Other restrictions do apply, so please contact the Museum to arrange relevant details
file file
above left, right and below: more than one million pieces of music
and accordion related documents make up the resource center

Patents Collection:
English Wheatstone patents, American Patents Records
Musical Estate Holdings:
Charles Magnante, Frank Gaviani, Sr., Pagani Publications, Elsie Bennett papers, Art Metzler, Hugo Herrmann, Harrington books and papers, Mike Fernino
ARTS Curriculum Papers:
Curriculum Guides, Student Reports, Tests / Grades / Permanent Records, Syllabi
ARTS Curriculum References:
Hand-outs, OSHA and Safety Manuals, Methods: All Accordion-Family-Instruments, Procedure Sheets, Problems Assessments, Appraising, Repair Sheets, Jigs and Devices Plans, Supplies and Suppliers, Tuning and Reed-work, Air Consumption, Bellows, Making Parts, Pitch Systems, Cosmetic Issues, Construction Epochs, Treble Keyboards Machines, Bass Keyboards Machines, Brands / Manufacturers, Amplification, Circuitry, Basic Business Procedures, Value and FM Appraisals, Workshop Organization, Customer Relations, Keeping Records, Resume Writing, Legal Issues, Advertising, Customer Interactions, Job Opportunities
Accordion History files
Articles, Topics Research, Accordion Catalogs, Diagrams and Schematics, Manufacturers Specifications, Advertisements
Music Files:
By Composer, Solo works, Ensemble works, Oversize and Manuscript Collections, By Popular Group/Artist,
By Country, Europe, Netherlands, Russia, Eastern Europe, Orient, South America, America, Folk Music
Cowboy/Western, Jazz, Swing, Boogie, Popular Americana, Entertainment
By Type
Traditional Folk Music Categories, Musical Epochs, Children’s Music, Free-Bass,“Fake” and “E-Z Play”, By Instrument, Button Diatonics, Chemnitz Concertina, Bandonion, Piano, Organ, Accordion Orchestra / Ensemble, Traditional Orchestral Scores, Kalmus Miniature Scores
Scales, Chords, Counterpoint, Improvisation, Analysis
Method and Repertory books
Accordion By Publisher, By Author, Piano, Organ, Misc. Instruments, Graded Studies, Technical Studies
Beautiful Displays
Music Editions, Art Works, Accordion Posters, Performance Posters