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Faithe Deffner (17 March 1931 - 3 June 2014)
faithe deffner

Faithe Deffner was one of the most important spokesperson for the accordion was one of the first people to recognize the significance of our American accordion museum. As international manufacturer of Titano and Pancordion instruments, industry supplier, and publisher she stood as example and constant friend.
She encouraged AWAM affiliation with the American Accordionists’ Association, International, and nominated Helmi for the “Honored Friend of the Accordion Award” which was unanimously approved by the 2006 General Assembluy Congress of Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA).
She has seen to major donations, and is recognized here as patron and emerita board member. Please visit the Deffner Legacy room in the museum.
A dynamic personality in the accordion world, Faithe Deffner (17th March 1931 to 3rd June 2014) translated her passion for accordion into action as she devoted her life's work to elevating and advancing the instrument worldwide.
Throughout her career, Faithe Deffner has participated in almost every aspect of the accordion world. Together with her late husband, Ernest Deffner, the Deffners set the standard for high quality accordion manufacturing, innovative design, publishing and music education. Their clients and collaborators are truly a Who’s Who in the accordion world.
The Deffner businesses celebrated 80 years in September of 2014. The firm includes Pancordion, Inc.,Titano Accordion Co., Pigini Accordions and Ernest Deffner Publications, which Faithe Deffner directed since 1971 when her husband passed away, until her recent retirement when the business under the same names came under the directorship of Frank Busso Junior.
The real hallmark of Faithe Deffner's work was her vision to bring together accordion enthusiasts of all ages and from all corners of the world. Working on behalf of the American Accordionists’ Association as the organization’s president, Faithe Deffner introduced new concepts to bring public attention to the accordion.
Whether helping to fill the decks of a cruise ship with 700 participating accordion enthusiasts playing Anchors Aweigh as they sailed past the Statue of Liberty, or staging the 2007 Coupe Mondiale in Alexandria, Virginia where it was attended by over 1,000 accordion enthusiasts, or arranging for Myron Floren to conduct six busloads of accordionists performing at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, or collaborating with Lawrence Welk Resorts in a two-year “Search for the Hottest” accordionist, Ms. Deffner created numerous significant opportunities to publicly showcase talented accordionists.
She has also served on numerous boards and committees in many accordion organizations including American Accordionists’ Association (AAA), Accordion Industry Council, Confederation Internationale des Accordeonistes (CIA), Accordionists and Teachers Guild (ATG), International and the Accordion Federation of North America (AFNA). For over 50 years she has been a staunch supporter of AAA as a member of its board and serving longest as the association's President, becoming President Emerita.
In the mid 1960's, the Deffners purchased the Titano Accordion Company from Dorothy and Edward Traficante of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The firm moved to New York City and Faithe Deffner worked with Bill Palmer and Bill Hughes in the development of their extraordinary Titano concert instruments.
Over the years, Faithe Deffner worked to interest colleges and universities in the accordion as a major course of study. The first such program originated in 1946 at the University of Houston in Texas, where Bill Palmer introduced it to scores of young accordionists who majored on the instrument. Through Palmer's wide experience in the arena of higher education and his memorable concert work with the late Bill Hughes, the perfect beachhead was established as an example for other institutions to follow.
Culminating a glorious career in the accordion world, Faithe Deffner was elected vice president of the Confederation Internationale Des Accordeonistes for 2007 when she coordinated a memorable Coupe Mondiale in Alexandria, Virginia as a joint venture sponsored by the AAA and ATG. The event was a singular success attended by more than 1,000 accordion aficionados and occupying three hotels. Two ballrooms were constantly working and a gala concert was presented every evening. Orchestras and competitors came from many countries. The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC invited accordionists to do a half-hour program every evening throughout the week.
Faithe's legacy will be remembered with profound respect and will be sadly missed by the entire accordion community.

Titano Accordions

From the birthplace of the accordion, Castelfidardo, Italy, come the world famous Titano Accordions. Over the years, renowned craftsmen have fashioned the superb Titano musical instruments, blending modern technology with the time-honored techniques handed down from one generation to the next.

The firm originated with Ed and Dorothy Traficante in Minneapolis, Minnesota, who sought a quality instrument line to offer in their Traficante chain of music schools, which required accordions designed for trouble-free music education.

In 1965, Ernest Deffner purchased the Titano Accordion Company and gave the task of redirecting its scope to his wife, Faithe Deffner who had a solid background in publicity and public relations as well as working knowledge of instrument design and performance requirements. Over the years, the Ernest Deffner firm expanded the line, worked to develop accordion study programs at universities and colleges, and made great strides in broadening the Titano channels of distribution.

North American distribution grew substantially through a network of the foremost music schools and teachers serviced by the Deffner firm. Canadian sales mushroomed through the efforts of Fred Kent who operated Mid-West Musical Instruments of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, with his partner, Loren Cartwright.
Titano quickly became the leading brand in the countries where it was sold.