American Accordionists Association (AAA) (founded 1938)

The American Accordionists Association (AAA) was established on March 9, 1938 with Pietro Deiro serving as the first President. The organization holds an annual accordion festival. It has also commissioned works for accordion from more than 50 composers
The AAA has consistently attracted a national membership of outstanding instructors, concert artists, manufacturers, music publishers and individuals interested in the accordion. They have all shared a common conviction: to enhance the accordion's stature in the family of musical instruments through a cooperative effort. Today, after almost seven decades of working to broaden the public interest in the accordion, the American Accordionists’ Association serves as a central organization which co-ordinates the activities of those connected with the industry and gathers information pertinent to members and enthusiasts.
While membership dues provide some of the income for the association, the majority of funds are primarily obtained through fund-raising functions which include regular programs of contests, concerts and journals. All of this is accomplished through the efforts of both the members and governing board directors who donate their services without compensation.