This course of studies presents and occupational certification relatively new to the United States, and is the only known school of its kind in the world. The curriculum, established in 1991 as a continuous nine-month series, is now offered in individually self-contained one-month seminars that may be taken in any order. Each seminar involves actual repairs and studies on functional instruments from many countries or origin, manufacturing styles and eras of technology, of wide-ranging complexities and values. Repeated hands-on experience and an individualized approach to learning promote maximum skills-development.

The course seeks to provide students with knowledge-based resources for successful careers, and as well, with informative materials that will be needed in future years.

The course encompasses a “total proficiency” standard for independent work which includes familiarity with many disciplines:acoustics, ethics, aesthetics, construction, reconstruction, business administration, metals/plastics/woods, machinery and power tools, hand tools, music and performance, to name only a few. All individual seminars interact to provide a true and in-depth appreciation of the family of instruments. Subjects discussed in theory are put to practical application in progressive layers of increasing depth and difficulty.

In general, teaching methodology is by concept and then specifically applied. Repair procedures evolve from simple to complex in logical sequences. Therefore, no prior knowledge or experience is required from the prospective student.

Instruments studied come from ARTS inventory of hundreds from all the family types. Studies also take advantage of the 1,000 instruments of “A World of Accordions Museum.” Many are rare, hybrid, or unique, providing students with familiarity of recognition for future customers’ less-common presentations. Focus, however, remains on instruments in common usage.

Instruments also come from the general public, sent to the school for repair from diverse sources. Students gain experience in live shop operation first by observing the instructors interact with customers, and later, by dealing directly with customers under supervision of instructors and peers. At appropriate times, students may include work on their own instruments, if they wish.

The course and its individual seminars require of the student mental disciplines involving academic learning, recall, auditory perception, physical skills, emotional stability, and concentration stamina. The status of certified technician can be achieved by most people of conventional abilities. The field is most attractive to those who are creative, enjoy problem-solving, are self-motivated, can work successfully alone and with others. Rewards of the profession offer excitement and challenge with skills developing for a lifetime.

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