Accordion Concertina Music Studios provide instruction for students of any age in piano-, button chromatic-, and diatonic accordions, English- Anglo- and Chemnitz concertinas, Chromatic- and Diatonic Bandonions. Recitals, band/ensemble and competitive events are offered. Entertainment by professional or student performers is available. Teaching locations include Duluth, MN, Superior, WI and Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN area (Burnsville, MN).

Teaching Studios

  • Beginner to professional; entertainer and concert-artist levels
  • "Master Certified" by NMTA, and Ph.D. status teacher qualifications
  • All ages accepted
  • Piano Accordion, Chromatic Accordion, Button Diatonic Accordions (several variant types), Anglo Concertina, English Concertina, Chemnitz Concertina, MIDI
  • Keyboard (electronic) and Piano
  • 12-bass accordions available for rent with lessons
  • Recitals, national competitions


  • New and Used (completely checked)
  • Guaranteed
  • Music—virtually everything in print
  • Accessories: straps, back-straps, cases, music stands, polish, covers, misc.
  • Gift items: pins, books, ornaments, misc.
  • Tools and Supplies for the do-it-yourself talent

Repair Services

  • Personalized maintenance and repair for all types of accordions
  • Regular, Professional, and Museum-quality restorations

Entertainment Available

  • Professional and Student options
  • Accordion Concertina Music Ensemble (nationally known group)
  • Types of Events: Parties, Weddings, Special Events, Birthday, Backyard, Conventions
  • Types of Programs: Background, Strolling, Virtuoso, ethnic, and specialty programs

Community Interactions

  • Speakers and performers available for community-service organizations,
    nursing homes, charitable events

Contact Information

  • E-mail: accordion@sprynet.com (e-mails usually checked weekly)
  • Phone: (715) 395-ARTS (Superior, WI) or (218) 393-0245